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The first place to look when beginning research on a topic is in reference material: specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias or handbooks. These allow you to check names, dates and places, find additional information, look up unknown terms, and check for the proper spelling of words.


They are particularly helpful for finding basic background information on a topic, and are often the only place many students may need to look to find answers to their questions. They may include bibliographies (lists of additional materials on a topic, usually considered by the author to be the best materials on that topic or at least the material that author used) that you can use to find other materials. 

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Reference Books

For circulating books on fibers, click the Books link on the left.


Fairchild's Dictionary of Textiles.
Isabel B. Wingate, ed. 6th ed. Fairchild Publications, 1979.
REF 677.003 F16 1979


This is a popular and comprehensive source on textiles.

The Dictionary of Art.
Jane Turner, editor. Grove's Dictionaries, 1996.
REF 703 D561t v.1-34 (v.34 has an index)
Also as an online subscription
A great source for the history of fibers, read the online entries on textile and fibre art.
Textiles: A Classification of Techniques.
Annemarie Seiler-Baldinger. Smithsonian Institution Press, c1994.
REF 746.012 Se43t


The various methods of manufacturing and decorating fabrics are covered here.


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