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Periodical indexes are research tools that allow you to search for articles in magazines, journals and newspapers.


Go to the library's Article Databases page for a list of the UArts Libraries' subscription databases. Check out the following for this topic:
EBSCOhost has a lot of full-text and scholarly articles covering a wide range of subjects.
JSTOR is all full-text, scholarly articles.
LexisNexis Academic is mostly newspaper articles. It is full-text and updated daily.


I found articles I want to read. Now what?
There are different ways to find an article once you retrieve a citation in the index:

See if there is a link in the index you're using to a full-text article online and download it or e-mail it to yourself. Click the FindIt@UArts icon to see if our library holds the journal title. FindIt@UArts will also tell you if the full-text article is available in a different database.
Use interlibrary loan to request materials not owned by the UArts Libraries.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.