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i'm cameron ralston.

i am majoring in jazz instrumental performance.


at the age of 10, i picked up the electric bass. since then, i've been absorbing and playing and refining myself along the way. 


 my hobbies are collecting and listening to music, adventuring, and hanging out.

i like going to the beach and the occasional soccer match.


i live for playing in front of people and i'm very thankful i never had stagefright.

i love learning new things and i'm not afraid to be a goof.


i grew up in a town called chalfont in pennsylvania. it's located in between two culturally-rich areas, philadelphia and doylestown. i've been exposed to the arts since i was little, with my mom encouraging me to express myself in material art and my dad involving me in music. my family has been a monumental part in my growth, both as a person and an artist. 


i started intensively studying the bass in 2007 with multi-instrumentalist and renowned performer, alban bailly. it was with him when i learned the majority of technique and exposure, as well as a firm foundation in theory. along with the instruction of jazz pianist chris rickert, i've started playing keyboards while improving transcription and jazz theory skills. when composing my own music, i am constantly making new sounds and experimenting with noise and silence. 


starting out playing rock music, my influences are pink floyd, led zeppelin, rush, mahavishnu orchestra, and many more. during the past year i've been diving into jazz. my main inspiration for jazz is the late pianist bill evans, along with bassists scott lafaro, niels-henning ørsted pedersen, dave holland, saxophonist stan getz and trumpeter/vocalist chet baker.


in my college years at the university of the arts, i want to meet as many people as i can: fellow musicians, artists, business owners. i want to be the musical superman: a hard-working college student at day and a club-playing musician at night. i'm looking forward to living in an environment that proves inspiring and fruitful.


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