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The ESLI Art Studio is a multimedia course that introduces students to the college studio environment and teaches technical, creative and problem solving skills. The class will work on and present 2 major projects that use a combination of traditional and digital art making methods.


Digication Page for our class:
The syllabus, class schedule, assignments and examples are provided online at  https://uarts.digication.com/esliartstudio/Home//

Students will:

  • Practice US college-level studio environment norms through engaging in painting, drawing and photography activities, and critiques. 
  • Practice communication strategies specific to the studio setting and art critiques. Practice objective vs. subjective communication strategies and question/answer techniques.
  • Develop basic skills in using digital tools and software for studio and liberal arts projects through creating a multi-media presentation.

English proficiency and analytical complexity will vary based on level.


  • Students must attend each studio class and arrive on time. If you are going to be absent or late, you must email or call the instructors ahead of time, and arrange to make up missed work.
  • Students must participate in class.
  • Students are expected to fulfill the project requirements as assigned.
  • Students must arrive to class prepared.  Bring the following to every class:
    • Journal
    •  Supply case
    • Flash Drive/USB Drive
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.