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ESLI Fall 2012                                                               

Art Studio 



Assignment Description / Handout



My Philly:  Illustrated Journal and Multimedia Video Essay



In the first few weeks of Art Studio, you will work in your journal and create a multimedia video essay.  You will draw and write in your journal to document your experiences in Philadelphia. You will then use the material from your journal and photographs you’ve taken to create a video that shows the city through your eyes. The video will be composed with images, text and music.


You can work together to share materials and images. You will make your own individual video.


Breakdown of project

1. Illustrated Journal - making and taking images on site in Philadelphia

2. Writing about images and experiences in your Writing Studio

3. Lecture by Christian Patchell

4. Scanning, uploading images; Photoshopping images

5. Composing video with images, text and music

6. Editing and completing video  

7. Presenting in class critique

8. Presentations




The video should be about 2-4  minutes long.  It must include 1) images, 2) music and 3) text that guides your narrative.

1) You should have at least  20-30 images

                -images of sketch and writing entries from journal

                - photographs you and your classmates have taken since your arrival in Philly

                - images changed/manipulated in Photoshop (4 or 5)

2)  You can choose 1 or more songs to use as background music for your video. You may also create sounds, or compose and record your own music.

3) Text should appear in your video and act as a guiding narrative to the video.  








                 Command  3    takes picture of whole screen

                 Command  4     takes picture of selected area


                 Command Z    Undo

                 Command C    Cut

                 Command V    Paste

                 Command S     Save

                 Command +    Zoom in

                 Command  -    Zoom out







Photoshop - You can manipulate or adjust your photos in Photoshop.


Open an image in Photoshop

Pull the image into the Photoshop icon in the dock of your computer. Or under File go to Open and find choose your image.  


Make copy of your image

      Under Layer 

-Duplicate Layer


To Crop

   Use Select Tool and select area you would like.

   Under Image



To Rotate

    Under Image

              -Rotate Canvas



    Under Edit





To make adjustments

    Under Image



            - Color Balance

            - Photo Filter


To change image and make blurry, sketchy, bubbly,  posterlike, etc . . .    Under Filter (try different filters)






You should have a folder (with images, photos) and your song on your desktop.


Launch Photo to Movie





These icons will appear on the page



Add photos and music

Click on Media icon

                          Go to Photos

                                      Drag photos

                          Go to Audio

                                      Drag song or other selected sounds

-You can drag the music to shorten it. When it’s at the length you like, go to Audio in the toolbar and go to Trim Audio.


*your images should be saved as JPEGs.


Add Text

Click on the Text icon



Edit Transitions


Click on Edit Transitions button to choose different types of transitions between images



Make Movie when you are finished

              Click on Film Strip icon


              Select MPEG-4 file format.


Hit Make Movie          

























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