DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

My MAP (Multimedia Autobiography Project)
 Past, Present, Future


You will work on an multimedia project that incorporates video.  The project will be inspired by your autobiography as an artist. You will use the video program to make the visual autobiography come to life. The video will include elements of text, music, and sound effects/ voiceovers.


Schedule of project
1.    Introduction to Project; Art Comes to Life Project

2.    Begin project. Compile images; Storyboard project; Photoshop 

3.   Introduction to Garage Band voice recording; choose song and additional
       sounds; image and sound editing

4.    Compose and edit images; edit sound

5.    Compose video

6.   Finish editing videos; make movie and burn DVD

7.  Present Vidoes in Final ESLI Festival

Writing Class component

You are writing autobiographical essays about your past, present and future. You will use what you write to inspire and complement the content in your  videos.

The video should be about 1-3 minutes long.  It must include 1) images 2) music and 3) text and 4)other sound effects/ voice recording (optional)
1) You should have at least 30  images 
    - at least 20 images changed/manipulated in Photoshop
    - photographs you've taken
    - other images
2)  You can choose 1 or more songs to use as background music for your video. You may also create sounds, or compose and record your own music.
3) Text must appear in your video. The text must be excerpted from the past, present and future autobiographical essays and/or the haikus you are writing in your Writing class.
4) You can record your own voice reading excerpts from your essays and journals (optional)

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.