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My Philly Video Text DUE July 6.


The My Philly video should show us Philly through your eyes. The images, music and text should work together to communicate your unique perspective.


Text should appear in your video and act as a guiding narrative to the video.  


Write or find text that will guide the narrative or theme of your video. Text can be original or found. It can be taken from any of the following: your journal; story; poem; song; quotes; etc.


See examples below.

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 From Tesia's "My Philly". Her own words

I am a stranger in this

new city

new life

I felt lonely

homesick...in the beginning

but ... after I look out

I was mesmerized by the beauty of this city

We went to some popular places

I realized this is a city with






and culture

Now, I want to see more

I 'll keep looking

and enjoy




From Blanca's "My Budapest". Words borrowed from Hungarian poet


the buildings of Budapest are so eclectic

given to historical posturing

weighty in themselves

adorned with heavy decorations

but along these splendid boulevards

in a wolrd as lively and elegant as this

a world which does not display the melancholy

even survival is charming and seductive, magnanimous and maybe

almost happy.

we stop at margit island


according to the proverb

love ends and begins

this allurement touches the soul like some old tired waltz

and is al little promise

of happiness


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.