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My wish in being a musical person is to be an agent of healing and to inspire a love of lifelong learning in students. I use music making in group settings to inspire individual and group expression.


I have seen music bring people from very different backgrounds together.  Music also helps one forge connections between the intellect (the “head”), the physical body (“the hands”), and the emotions (the “heart”).  And it’s fun!



Music lends itself to so many diverse activities which can help us develop on different levels:

  • Intellectual: analyzing, memorizing or developing language capabilities 
  • Physical: singing, movement with music, playing an instrument 
  • Emotional: discovering how music can reflect and affect how we feel inside


I seek out ways to work with others rather than focus on performing solo.  Leading congregational singing at a church and working with global artists abroad inspires me to grow as a person and fulfill community needs.  Teaching private lessons allows me to foster a new generation of people who appreciate and play music in their respective circles.  As much as I enjoy the catharsis of playing music for my own sake, I love even better to work with others in making music to learn how to relax and build healthier relationships.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.