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Caniato, Michele. The Jazz Ensemble Companion: A Guide to Outstanding Big Band Arrangements Selected by Some of the Foremost Jazz Educators. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2009.

Helpful to band directors, arrangers, and educators alike, this book presents and analyzes 67 different jazz arrangements. Each analysis includes notes on instrumentation, playability, and requirements for

rendering the score.

REF ML128 .J42C26 2009

Carner, Gary. Jazz Performers: An Annotated Bibliography of Biographical Materials. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1990.
Alphabetical listings by artist with bibliographical citations by author, made accessible through author and subject indexes. Appendixes include General Works; Histories and Textbooks; and Reference Books.
REF ML128 .J42C3 1990


Gioia, Ted. The Jazz Standards : A Guide to the Repertoire. New York; Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.

Written by a pre-eminent scholar of jazz history, this bibliography provides an in-depth

look at more than 250 of the most influential songs of the jazz repertoire. Information includes how each song was written, who recorded it, the song's place in jazz history.      

REF ML128 .J42G56 2012


Goodfellow, William. Where's that Tune?: An Index to Songs in Fakebooks. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1990.
Includes bibliography of (legit) books. Establishes whether and where tunes were anthologized through the 1980s--adequate for standards but otherwise sadly out of date.
REF ML128 .P63G6 1990
Kuzmich, John. An Annotated Survey of Teaching Materials for Jazz Improvisation. 2nd ed. Manhattan, Kan.: International Association of Jazz Educators, 1996.
With brief annotations for pedagogical materials in printed, recorded sound, video and interactive formats.
REF ML128 .J42K9 1996
Meadows, Eddie. Jazz Scholarship and Pedagogy: A Research and Information Guide.  3rd ed. New York: Routledge, 2006.
The revised edition of Jazz Research and Performance Materials, this resource is selective but wide-ranging, with many annotations. Includes such diverse subjects as world jazz, music business, pedagogy, and more.
REF ML128 .J42M4 2006
Meeker, David. Jazz in the Movies. New Rochelle: Arlington House, 1977.
A first and still unsurpassed filmography, documenting the occurrences of jazz musicians in commercially issued films from 1917 to 1977.
REF ML128 .M7M44 1977
Voigt, John. "Jazz Music: A Selected Bibliography of Available Materials," in Annual Review of Jazz Studies 7 (1994-95): 217-249.
Highly selective but thus far unique tool for finding notated representations of jazz. Criteria for inclusion unclear: includes both solo transcription anthologies and score-and-part publications that are not technically transcriptions. Inconsistent citation of pedagogical materials.
ML3505.8 .A68 1994-95
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