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Juliann Crooks
Digital Multimedia

Exploring Digital Multimedia: A syllabus for grades 9-12

Object:  The purpose of this course is to expose the students to a wide range of digital media, from visual to sound to 3-d modeling.   It will provide an introduction to some common programs, and the inspiration to use them for creative expression. No previous experience with the programs is necessary, but basic computer skills are a prerequisite.

WEEK 1: Introduction: Explore the nature of digital multimedia, show examples from art and visual culture.  
    Activities: Demonstrate image search and capture; discuss issues of copyright and proper credit.  
        Demonstrate PowerPoint and/or Keynote.
        Show David Byrne's PowerPoint pieces.
    PROJECT:  The students will create a movie, collaging text and images, using PowerPoint.

WEEK 2: Work in studio.  Critique.

WEEK 3:  Activities:  Show examples of Photoshopped imagery.
            Demonstrate downloading from cameras and phones, and use of scanner. Introduction to Photoshop.  Demonstrate use of selection tools, layers, effects and filters.
    PROJECT: The students will create a portfolio of 10 photos, at least three that are noticeably manipulated.

WEEK 4: Work in studio

WEEK 5: Work in Studio. Critique.

WEEK 6: Activities: Introduce sound.  Discuss the basics of sound quality, and introduce Garage Band and Audacity.
    PROJECT: The students will create an original 3 minute song, and a manipulated vocal track.

WEEK 7: Activities: Introduce IMovie/Photo-to-Movie.  Discuss editing using the program's transitions.  Demonstrate adding sound.  
PROJECT: The students will create a movie. *See accompanying Lesson Plan.

WEEK 8: Work in studio.

WEEK 9: Work in studio. Critique

WEEK 10: Activities:  Demonstrate logging on to the virtual classroom on the Second Life teen grid.  Go over the basic commands, then demonstrate building basics, moving, stretching, lighting, texture mapping.
    PROJECT: The students will create a lamp of their own design in the virtual classroom.

WEEK 11: Work in Studio.

WEEK 12: Activities: The students will upload their work into online portfolios.  We will have a critique and an art show in the virtual gallery.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.