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Mikhail (Misha) Sergeev (born 1960) – Ph.D. in philosophy of religion (1997, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA); a Russian-American historian of religion, philosopher, writer. Main topics of research: Bahá’í Philosophy, Russian thought, religion and the arts. 


Sergeev taught at several universities and colleges in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. His offerings comprise more than twenty different courses in Western civilization, religious studies, the history of philosophy, and modern art, including specialized classes, such as Religion, Art, and the Apocalypse, Holy War, and the Afterlife. He now works as an adjunct professor of religion and philosophy at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where in 2010 he received The President’s Distinguished Teaching Award. In addition, he co-chairs and serves on the faculty of the Department of Religion, Philosophy, and Theology at The Wilmette Institute.


Sergeev organized thirty-seven and participated in more than fifty panels and roundtables in regional, national, and international conferences, including the World Congress of Philosophy in 1998 held in Boston, MA. He is a member of the editorial boards of nine scholarly journals in Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, including the journals, Philosophical Thought (Filosofskaia mysl’) and Philosophy and Culture (Filosofiia i cul'tura) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


The author of more than two hundred scholarly, journalistic, and creative works, Sergeev published and presented them in the United States, Canada, Russia, Greece, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Japan, and Kyrgyzstan. Some of his articles were translated into Polish and Japanese, and his books were reviewed in Germany, Japan, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, and the United States. He has authored and edited twelve books, including the monograph, Theory of Religious Cycles: Tradition, Modernity, and the Bahá’í Faith, (Brill, 2015).


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