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Davis, Deta. Computer Applications in Music: A Bibliography. Madison: A-R Editions, 1988-92.

Though current now only to 1990, covers the development of automated and computer-assisted music instruction, as well as that of synthesizers, drum machines, controllers, and other applications in educational settings.
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Duckles, Vincent and Ida Reed. Music Reference and Research Materials: An Annotated Bibliography. 5th ed. New York: Schirmer, 1997.

The most comprehensive bibliography of music reference sources in English. The first stop for identifying, among other things, repertory lists, song indexes, practical dictionaries, and teaching tools. Large, but basic.
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Havlice, Patricia. Popular Song Index. Metuchen: Scarecrow, 1975-2005. 4 vols.

Together the volumes record the song titles in more than 700 printed score anthologies, including many children’s song collections. Useful therefore in locating supplementary classroom materials. At present the best resource for this purpose.

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Suppl. 1

Suppl. 2

Suppl. 3

Suppl. 4



Heller, George. Historical Research in Music Education: A Bibliography. 3rd ed. Lawrence: University of Kansas Division of Music Education and Music Therapy, 1995.

Almost exclusively concerned with the methods and history of school music pedagogy in the United States, despite the general title. Arranged by geographical region.
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Kantorski, Vincent. A Bibliography of Source Readings in Music Education. Warren, Mich.: Harmonie Park, 1997.

Not source readings as the phrase is usually meant (see Mark and Strunk above), but rather a selective bibliography of secondary materials. All the same an ambitious project that reaches beyond its title in situating the goals of music pedagogy within the more general framework of arts education philosophy.
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Kuzmich, John. An Annotated Survey of Teaching Materials for Jazz Improvisation. 2nd ed. Manhattan, Kan.: International Association of Jazz Educators, 1996.

Brief annotations for pedagogical materials in printed, recorded sound, video and interactive formats.
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