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The Society of Illustrators

National institution devoted solely to the art of illustration. Membership is comprised of professional artists in the fields of illustration, cartooning, animation, and graphic design. Has answers to many illustration career related questions.


Colored Pencil Society of America

Non-profit organization dedicated to artists working with colored pencil. Provides an annual International Exhibition & Convention, product research information, workshops & seminars, a newsletter, a networking directory and district chapters across the United States.


Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators

Site for the society. Includes membership information, discussion boards, awards and grants, merchandise and links to other relevant websites.


National Cartoonists Society

The purpose is to help, inform, and be a resource to aspiring cartoonists, struggling cartoonists, art teachers, educators, and generally anyone interested in the art and business of cartooning. Helpful articles and book reviews on the cartooning lifestyle.


Graphic Artists Guild

This is a union with the goal of equipping artists & designers with the skills they need to compete more effectively. The site includes many excellent resources, including information on subscribing to their online job bank and how to order their book “Graphic Artists Guild's Handbook of Pricing & Ethical Guidelines.”


Illustrators’ Partnership of America

The Illustrators’ Partnership of America (IPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the intellectual property rights of its members. Our goal is to create a collective management agency to administer the rights of professional illustrators working in the United States. Student membership is $50/year and can be renewed at that rate for 3 years after graduation.


Art Directors Club of NYC

The ADC’s mission is to promote the highest standards of excellence and integrity in visual communications and to encourage students and young professionals entering the field


Art Directors Club of Philadelphia

The ADCP’s goal is to make Philadelphia one of the hottest creative spots on the planet. They regularly host lectures and special events, and the site includes a database of job listings.


The I Spot

All-encompassing illustration Internet site. Illustrators can subscribe annually to have a portfolio with them.



Allworth Press

A publishing company that provides practical information to creative professionals. Include a broad selection of books on the business of being an Illustrator.


The Digital Artist

Browse galleries to view work by emerging and established artists, read articles on the business of art, find books on art, design and crafts, subscribe to art and design magazines, get your own exhibit at The Digital Artist, and sign up for free monthly newsletters about the business of art.


Folio Planet

Created by illustrators, Folioplanet is a directory of over 2000 illustrator links, almost 300 illustration portfolios and 29,000 stock illustration images. There is a $99 application fee to submit your portfolio to the site. 

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