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The Kiersey Temperament Sorter
One of the most widely used pesonality instruments in the world;  links to a personality quiz and to a list of recommended careers for each personality type.


LiveCareer Interest Test

A pioneer in free online career tests, helping people get and keep their dream careers. Currently offer five different tests.


Quick Work Preference Inventory
A quick inventory that will help determine your preferred work style.  Useful when beginning to brainstorm potential career paths.


MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential)

This free career test takes 15 minutes to fill out and gives you a wealth of information to help you make wise career choices.



Based on the Holland career choice theory, which divides occupations into six major types:

The Career Key -$9.95
Assess the strength of your six Holland personality types and identify matching occupations. You get full and accurate information about each occupation, and download a 4-page interpretive booklet. Research shows that a good personality-career match leads to higher job satisfaction and better grades

The Self-Directed Search - $4.95  

Determine your 3-letter Holland code to help you find the careers that best match your interests and abilities. A list of occupations (and college majors) with codes identical and/or similar to your own will be displayed on your screen.

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.