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These local companies and organizations were unable to attend OppFest, but would be happy to tell you more about their opportunities. Feel free to reach out, or find their listings in www.uartscareers.com. 


Da Vinci Art Alliance

Rotating series of exhibition opportunities for visual artists and community building and group critique for recent graduates.




Job and Internship opportunities for Graphic and UI/ UX Designers.


Rittenhouse Needlepoint

Variety of job opportnities for artists related to hand and machine sewing and/or acrylic painting. 



Spirial Q Puppet Theater

Internships and Volunteers looking to gain robust exposure to the working parts of a small art and social change nonprofit organization, including art-based educational programming, marketing and public relations, fundraising and development, studio work, finance and administration, and more. 



Yes! And... Collaborative Arts 

Summer Camp Teaching Artists




Updated 4/1/19

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.