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A primary source is an original work, artifact or direct evidence of an event.

Examples include: letters, journals, paintings, original photographs, and buildings.


A secondary source is a work that interperets or comments on a primary source. These are removed from the original event or artifact. 

Examples can include: reviews of shows, biographies, and textbooks.


A tertiary source can consist of both primary and secondary sources, or gives a broad introduction to a subject.


Whether a source is primary, secondary or tertiary can depend upon how it is used in research.


Visual Art

Original photographs

by Vik Muniz

A review written about

the gallery opening

An exhibition catalog

including essays about Vik Muniz 

TheaterThe script of a play; a performance of the playA review of the playStill images from a performance of the play
DanceVideo of original performanceAn entry in the book The Complete Guide to Modern DanceA guide to the performance
MusicSheet musicA biography of the composer An encyclopedia of music

The building; an interview with the architect

Website about a style of architecture

Images of the building in

ARTstor database

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.