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School of Dance, College of Performing Arts
Phone: 215-717-6110
Fax: 215-717-6109
Office Location: Terra Building 3RD


Director, Donna Faye Burchfield

Assistant to the Director and Advising Coordinator, Bren Thomas

Administrative Assistant, Kristel Baldoz


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Crisis Management Policies and Procedures


Keep up to date on University policies and procedure for crisis and emergencies. See info below:


UARTS Crisis Management Policies and Procedures.pdf



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Welcome to the School of Dance!


At the University of The Arts School of Dance, we are committed to creating a supportive community that fosters mutual respect between our students, faculty, and staff, as well as care for our facilities (studios, theaters & classrooms).  We aim to create an atmosphere that recognizes the importance of cooperation and understanding. 


School of Dance Program Objectives are:

  • Mutuality- Students will activate relationships to dance on personal, collective, regional, and global levels. (co-existence)
  • Relationality- Students will engage with the world through the multiple lenses of collaboration, exchange and difference. (context)
  • Expresssivity- Students will develop tools and ideas of expression to speak, write, and dance about/with/of/alongside. (agency/communication)
  • Sustainability- Students are immersed in anatomically sound technical training that consistently weaves and references both historical and emerging techniques, forms and styles through informed somatic practices.
  • Resourcefulness- Students will develop and sharpen skills of reciprocity, relationship and networking building through consistent contact with professional artists in the expanding field both within their communities, and in the world.

A Shared Learning Community

The School of Dance is a shared learning community, where artists, students, and educators co-exist through civic-hood.


"Civic-hood", which we define as mutual respect and understanding of the individual and the collective, the personal and the shared, the commonalities and the differences inherent within any diverse learning community. This requires us all to be tolerant, understanding, patient, good listeners, self-reflectors, and open to communication on all levels.


  • No food or drinks, other than water, in the studios or the theaters.
  • No street shoes on the studio floors, and this includes Hip Hop classes.
  • Keep your valuables at home, and do not bring them with you to class, rehearsal or to the theater(s).
  • Dress for class in a professional manner
    • Because of the close working conditions of most all our studio courses, we ask that students observe hygienic practices. Students should wear clean tights and leotards, appropriate dance pants and tops that do not restrict movement or obscure the body. We don’t recommend mid-drifs or half tops. Everyone should wear supportive undergarments, which means that men should wear supportive dance briefs and/or dance belts.
  • No dangling jewelry, this is for everyone’s safety.
  • Keep hair neat and out of the face
  • Some faculty may require specific foot wear such as pointe shoes, jazz shoes, tap shoes or ballet slippers.
  • Knee pads are recommended to have on hand, as many contemporary forms require them.




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